These Are The 10 Worst Cities In The World For Rush Hour Traffic

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A little FYI before traveling.

Traffic jams sucks. No questions asked. In fact, according to TomTom, we spend an average of 100 hours each year stuck in traffic. But if you think your daily commute is pretty bad, there's probably a city somewhere in the world where things are a whole lot worse. First reported by The Car Connection, these 10 global cities have the worst traffic jams anywhere on Earth. The figures themselves come from TomTom, which compiled 2014 vehicle traffic data in 218 cities around the world.

Overall, the US isn't so bad. Istanbul, Turkey is the worst city. Commuters there spend about 125 hours yearly stuck in traffic. The complete top 10 list is below: 1.Istanbul, Turkey 2.Mexico City, Mexico 3.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4.Moscow, Russia 5.Salvador, Brazil 6.Recife, Brazil 7.Saint Petersburg, Russia 8.Bucharest, Romania 9.Warsaw, Poland 10.Los Angeles, United States

Ben Gray, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, via AP

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