These Are The 2017 Model-Year Cars We Can't Wait For


We don't exactly have flying cars by now but trust us, this is better.

The year 2016 seems like it just began, so it may be a bit disconcerting to realize that we're already half way through it. Hopefully those of us who set new years resolutions are well on the way to accomplishing them. If not, don't feel bad because plenty of automakers are working around the clock to make sure that each one meets its goal of starting 2017 off strong. From concept cars to refreshed icons, 2017 promises to be a ferociously powerful and devastatingly gorgeous year for a few automakers. Here are our five favorites.


It used to be that the Chevy Corvette was one of the best bang-for buck performance deals that one could find, but the Mustang GT350 quickly put a stop to that. The GT350R costs only $63,495 but delivers track performance that equals that of a $175,000 Porsche GT3. As Ford's natural enemy, Chevy is ramping up to let the new and improved ZL1 run loose next year and catch innocent Mustangs. Riding on the highly regarded Alpha platform and motivated by a 6.2-liter V8 making over 600 horsepower, the ZL1 seems to have what it takes to wail on the GT350. Priced at just about the $60,000 mark, it too seems to be aiming to reclaim the title of the best muscle/sport/supercar for the financially conscious buyer.

The Bugatti Chiron is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year. Its previous iteration, the Veyron, won Top Gear's best car of the decade, so it's a safe bet to think that we have high expectations for the successor. On paper, it seems to deliver with a massive 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 that will fracture necks with 1,500 horsepower of whiplash potential. The styling on the new Bugatti is also something we like. It cleans up the overweight look of the Veyron while adding some creases of definition to bring the styling into the next era. We fully expect this car to break some records, and with a starting price of $2.6 million dollars, the Chiron will break some banks too.

Porsche gave many of its fans a scare when it decided to plaster the "718" moniker as a prefix to its Boxster line. The original 718 Porsche was built in 1957 and featured a four-cylinder engine, so enthusiasts feared the worst. As they expected, Porsche revived this nameplate because it wanted a nicer way to say that the new Boxster would be getting a four-cylinder engine to replace the old flat six. Under the hood/trunk of the 718 is a 2.0-liter, which gets bored out to 2.5-liters in the S model. Of course, both units are turbocharged to make them more powerful than the outgoing units. Stuttgart-approved handling will be preserved and the turbos will only help the torque curve, but we'd love the 718 to keep Porsche's metallic engine note.


Thank God you're still there Lincoln. For a second, we thought you had flatlined. Even though Ford was the only automaker that didn't need a bailout during the recent Wall Street Armageddon, that doesn't mean some of its subsidiaries were trouble free. Lincolns of the past reeked of base Fords that had put on suits and become used car salesmen, but as Cadillac learned, that doesn't fly anymore (if it ever did at all) with today's luxury car buyers. Thanks to an influx of cash from Lincoln-loving China, Ford finally had the gall to redo some of its most hideous models (2002 was not kind on the Continental) and build the stunning world-beater we see here today. We can't wait to see this thing shuttling wine snobs around town.

Thanks to the general responsibilities that life imposes on us, coupes aren't exactly the most practical cars for most people. That's why Infiniti has drug its feet when it comes to redesigning the Q60 (aka the G35/G37). As always, Germany has been duking it out in this segment with the BMW M4 and the soon to be released Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe, but most of Japan has kept quiet in this segment. Until now. On the heels of the Acura NSX and significantly tailing the Lexus RC-F, Infiniti has promised to submit its own coupe to the world starting next year. A twin-turbo V6 good for 300-400 horsepower will live under the hood line and ensure that Nissan's luxury brand stays crisp.

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