These Are the 21st Century Hypercars

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Just because they're hybrids doesn't mean this latest generation of hypercars have gone soft.

Although there are now strict fuel emissions regulations in many countries, supercar manufacturers today are innovating new technologies that effectively combine a greener footprint with biblical performance. By adding electric motors that amplify boost and other tidbits such as regenerative braking and a host of lightweight materials, today's hypercars can even be classified as hybrid. Just don't think for a second that means automakers like Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche are going soft.

Want proof? Just look at the Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder. Motor Trend speaks with just a few of the people who are making these cars possible today. Interestingly, all agree that hybrid technology is not only here to stay, but that it's the future of speed.

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