These Are The 3 Dealerships In The World Selling The LaFerrari Aperta


There could be more, but these are the three we found.

Only 200 LaFerrari Apertas will be sold to the public, and all of those are already sold out. Or are they? Technically the answer to that question is yes. But, while doing some digging online (we were checking how much LaFerraris are selling for) we discovered not one but two listings for the LaFerrari Aperta on JamesEdition. One was from London's Opulent Automotive and the other from Germany's Techintacto GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to those two listings we found a LaFerrari Aperta for sale by H.R. Owen, another London-based luxury car dealer group.

Of the three listings, none carry a price tag. You know, the whole "if you have to ask" thing. The LaFerrari Aperta being sold by Opulent Automotive is the only one where a delivery date, some time in quarter three 2017, is mentioned. The LaF for sale by Technitacto is the fishiest listing of the three. The company's website has a broken link to its online inventory. The JamesEdition description is lighter on details than the featherweight Opulent Automotive ad. Of the three LaFerrari Apertas we found for sale only the one listed by H.R. Owen has a presence on the dealership's website, as in it has a dedicated page for those interested in purchasing it. A lack of details makes these listings look questionable at first glance.

But all three businesses are legitimate operations despite what the crap websites (looking at you, Technitacto) would suggest. The fact that details are light isn't so suspicious when you take a big think on the whole idea behind ordering a LaFerrari Aperta. The process is more than likely closely guarded. And even if it wasn't-it totally has to be-there's a chance that three dealerships have build slots farther down the pipeline and simply don't have information on customization options available at the moment. Remember that deliveries just started, with Ferrari's celebrity VIPs getting first dibs. The Italian supercar company is notoriously protective over its most super of cars, picking and choosing those who are worthy of owning it rarest cars.

That's why we're a bit surprised to see three dealers listing the LaFerrari Aperta for sale. These listings leave us with a ton of questions. Can anyone with cash buy these cars? Will Ferrari have to approve the final buyer? How many other dealers or brokers, as opposed to celebrities and rich private citizens, were approved to purchase a LaFerrari Aperta? We reached out to all three dealerships asking for comment and haven't received an answer. If you have any additional information about these listings or leads to other listings feel free to drop us a line at

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