These Are The 5 Best Car Surprises Kids Have Given Their Parents

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Sometimes kids buy the darnedest things.

Being a parent means giving up a lot of things. There's no more late nights at the bar with friends during the work week (or ever) or spur of the moment trips out of town. Starting a family can also mean giving up the car you love in favor of one that is more kid-friendly. Fortunately children grow up, move out and learn to give back. We've rounded up five examples of kids surprising their parents with cars from their past or their dream cars. You might want to have some tissues handy.

First up is a group of siblings who got together to buy their parents a Corvette. The parents actually helped one of their sons get his first Corvette at 19 but never were able to afford one of their own. Eleven years later the kids banded together and bought their folks a black C5 complete with a bright red bow.

Good luck watching this video without tearing up. The story is as follows. Dad grew up in a poor family and always dreamed of owning a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. When his son was eight he made a promise to dad that when he turned 57 the car would be his. The son managed to keep his promise, surprising his father with the keys on his birthday.

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The man in this video saved up money to fix his 1973 Porsche 914, but life had other plans. He ended up spending the money on his wedding and the 914 sat in a garage before it was parted out. Luckily this dad's new daughter never forgot her stepfather's selfless act, and decided to thank him in the best way. Fortunately this Porsche didn't require any restoration.

The couple in this video gave up their 1973 Pontiac LeMans when the kids started rolling in and thought they'd never see it again. Little did they know their five kids knew how much this car meant to them. The original was crushed years ago, but the children did the next best thing and bought a model built at the same factory.

Here's the video that gave us the idea for this list. It's less than a week old but just because it's so fresh doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a second watch. Seeing a son give his father a brand new Corvette on his 50th birthday is something that never gets old. It's amazing to see a grown man become a little kid once again when given the keys to his dream car.

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