These Are The 5 Cars That All Sorority Girls Drive

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Some are glamorous and some are Camrys.

You joined a top university to learn biology but somehow the letters of the Greek alphabet are now second nature. So are chants that foster sisterhood but make outsiders think you and your friends are drones trapped in a cult. Yup, it sounds like you've joined a sorority. Now you can look forward to date dashes, themed parties that serve as excuses for binge drinking, and wearing a costume on a Tuesday night. And of course there are the cars. Here are a few of the ones you'll see in the parking lot outside the sorority house.

Land Rover

The entire list could end right at the Range Rover. Even if your parents weren't rich enough to show you how much they love you with an $84,950 SUV it's the one you'd buy given the choice. Even though this machine is an off-road beast it'll spend more time hauling chihuahuas and double lattes than at Moab. Even if the Land Rover brand has gone from being the choice of rugged off-roaders to the chariot of Beverly Hills residents on Chipotle runs that doesn't mean it can't get dirty. The genius of Land Rover is exposed in the paradox that is a luxury SUV with all the amenities of a Bentley that's still able to climb its way up the side of Mordor.

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In the movie "The Other Girl," Cameron Diaz sees Kate Upton driving a Volkswagen Jetta and says, "all young hot girls have Jettas." And so goes the stereotype. Nobody really knows why they're a thing, but it may be because it's the cheapest and safest "cute" car that a college-age girl can convince her parents to buy. In fact, there's a theory that exists called the "Jetta Theory." It states that the Jetta has just the right amount of European class to appeal to girls ages 18 to 28. It's sporty but very much a sedan, and kind of cute but doesn't stand out like a Beetle. Whether it's the broke girl's BMW 3 series or not, the theory has yet to be explained. Either way, expect to see Jettas driven by everyone from your big sister to your worst enemy.


The Wrangler is consistently rated one of the worst cars to buy by Consumer Reports, but that will never rattle its huge fan base. Part of this club is made up of the sorority girls who live life on the fringes of Greek row. To them, getting pampered comes second to the climbing gym and Starbucks is just overpriced bean water. When these girls park, out comes the f**k it attitude because usually these Wranglers are left with walls and roofs exposed to the elements. Chances are that this type of girl owns a horse or goes to Country Thunder every year. Unbeknownst to others, the girl who drives the Wrangler gets the most attention from the frat boys. Depending on perspective, this can be a good thing or a bad thing so chose accordingly.


Screw the Range Rover, the girl in the BMW 3 Series convertible knows for a fact that she will never drive down a dirt road, so why not choose some open-top style? It's low to the ground, has more style than a Jetta, and like the Wrangler it can lose its roof and let the sunshine in. The most likely things to be found in the trunk of the 3 Series are a yoga mat, a few bags of clothes from the latest shopping trip, and an emergency hair straightener. Unlike the Wrangler girl, the sister in the 3 Series loves being girly and isn't afraid to show it.

Old Toyota Camrys are the mark of sorority girls with sensible parents. It's okay, at least there's parking near the back behind the giant Land Rovers and eye-catching Bimmers. No amount of begging and pleading will turn this pumpkin into a glamorous carriage. Hell, even your sorority dues were a hard-won battle, but at least you have some sort of transportation. You won't be the cool sister with this car, but at least it'll make you work harder to move up the social ladder. Make sure to stick your sorority letters on the car so you at least get some sort of prestige during the Taco Bell runs your sisters force you to make.

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