These Are The 5 Cars We Can't Wait To See At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed


Unseen new models and current hypercar offerings will make this one hell of a show.

The celebration of velocity and car culture known as the Goodwood Festival of Speed is about to kick off again and as usual, some automakers are using it as the perfect opportunity to debut some of their hottest new offerings. Each year usually holds something interesting, from Ken Block's Hoonicorn RTR Mustang to a Nissan Juke proving that a car only needs two wheels to complete a hill climb. Fun gimmicks aside, here are the five cars that we can't wait to see at Goodwood.

Mercedes never really likes to keep things tame. Its previous supercar, the SLS AMG, came in both a "standard" guise with a 6.2-liter V8 making 583 horsepower and in a special SLS AMG Black form. The latter was a severely track-hardened machine that made more power, was lighter, and bathed in carbon fiber. Similar to its older brother, the AMG GT will get a more hardcore variant and it will first show its face to the world while making the notorious hill climb at Goodwood. Rumors say that the GT R will have its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 pushed to the tune of 577 bhp, and that likely doesn't even begin to cover the other chassis modifications. Stay tuned for this one because it may be one of the most desirable Porsche 911 fighters ever.

Much like Mercedes, McLaren will also be making its presence known to Goodwood attendees with a remix of one of its newer Porsche-fighting machines. McLaren will bring the heat by adding the "Sprint" moniker after 570S and pushing the vehicle to its limits. Like the McLaren P1 GTR, the 570S Sprint will be a car built solely for the track. We can expect to see plenty of fins and a spoiler that looks large enough to be a 747 wing glued to the car as part of an aggressive aerodynamics package. The twin turbo 3.8-liter V8 will probably get a bit of a tune as well, although we'll have to wait and see how fast and how loud the 570S Sprint darts up the hill to judge how much extra twist is coming out of the crankshaft.

You may have never heard of an automaker coming out of Mexico before, but the truth is that the large Latin American country slaps together many of the cars that make it north of the border. To represent Mexico's industry, small auto manufacturer Vuhl has built a car called 05 to take on track toys like the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono. Somewhere along the line Vuhl decided that the 285-horsepower 05 needed a boost, despite already making 410 horsepower per ton. The new car will now be named the 05RR and like all of the other hardcore baddies that are coming to Goodwood, it will use its upgraded engine to push a skeleton-like frame up the hill. Only then will we learn what the upgraded 05 is working with.


For some reason, the three hypercars that were destined to race never do. Of course, we are talking about the hypercar holy trinity here. In fact, the only place where the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spider, and McLaren P1 truly come alive is during the heat of competition. Yet we only have a handful of videos where all three are pushing each other to cut down every tenth of a second from a lap time possible. Maybe it's Ferrari's over-inflated ego or that owners understandably don't want to place a $1 million+ car in harm's way. But these rules get kicked to the curb at Goodwood. Expect to see all three members of the hypercar holy trinity gunning it up the hill, with each car going all out to see which one really is fastest.

Every once in a while we hear another impressive performance statistic about the Chiron, but hardly anyone has seen the car and all of its quad-turbo W16 glory at work. But not even the newly minted legend itself is exempt from being paraded up the hill for all the world to see. Of course this Bugatti is somehow even more powerful and faster than the last, so don't expect to see much more than a blur followed by the whoosh of all four turbochargers feeding the engine. From standstill, a Bugatti Veyron covers a quarter mile in 10.17 seconds. It will be interesting to see just how ferociously the Chiron can handle the 1.16-mile track. Suffice it to say, our expectations are high.


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