These Are The 5 Coolest Colors You Can Order In 2016

Paint Job

If you want to be unique, buy one of these.

There have been some amazing color choices for cars over the years. Laguna Seca Blue springs immediately to mind. For 2016 we decided to compile a list of the best car colors available. Some exotic manufacturers like Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce will paint a car in almost any color for the right amount of money. Keeping that in mind, we decided to keep this list focused on colors that can be ordered from the factory without having to order paint-to-sample. Tell us what you think at the end. Which colors will reign supreme in 2016?

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The new Shelby GT350 is a badass car. The track-focused muscle car looks even better when finished in Avalanche Gray. The flat texture of this color is completely unlike any other that is offered on any "normal" Mustang. When your car is as loud and as powerful as the Shelby, you don't necessarily need a wacky color like red or yellow. Avalanche Gray definitely fits the bill for an understated track car. When you add the optional black racing stripes, the look is improved even more. After seeing this color in person, we are convinced that this is the best color option for the GT350. The car looks highly aggressive, without being silly. Even among the rarefied Shelby GT350 Avalanche Gray will be a unique option.

Next up we have another muscle car. However, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is not meant to be understated at all. Even the Hellcat's name insinuates that it is a giant middle finger to the automotive establishment. When you have such a loud, flamboyant car, why not paint it in Sublime Green Pearl? This car is a complete head turner when painted in this shade. You can order an R/T Challenger in this color as well. This color is guaranteed to make people break their necks to see whether or not you have a Hellcat. Having an affordable muscle car painted in this exotic color definitely makes you feel special. Although it didn't make the list, we would also give an honorable mention to Plum Crazy Purple.

Now we move on to some more expensive stuff. The 2017 Porsche 911 gained a lot of attention because it would be the first Carrera model to feature turbocharging. While everyone is so concerned with the turbos reducing exhaust noise, Porsche has made up for it by offering this loud color option. Miami Blue is a new color for the 911, and looks like a hue that used to be reserved for the uber-rich who could order a paint-to-sample car. The color costs $3,140 but is available straight from the factory. This means that you likely won't have to wait as long when you order you shiny new car in this color. A lot of Porsche owners order boring colors like white and silver. While those are nice, they don't pop like Miami Blue.

This next one may cause some argument. Some people are completely enamored by Austin Yellow, while others think that it looks like vomit. Whichever side you stand on, you must admit that this color is unique. Nothing else on the market looks like Austin Yellow on the BMW M3 and M4. Back in the E46 generation, BMW offered the M3 in Phoenix Yellow, which hardly anyone ordered. Phoenix Yellow was so rarely ordered that E46 models painted in this color are now worth much more than a car painted in a more normal color. It seems that buyers have learned their lesson this time around and have begun to order more M3s and M4s in Austin Yellow. We will also give another honorable mention to BMW's Yas Marina Blue.

Finally, we move on to the most boring manufacturers of all time, Lexus. Or is it? Lexus no longer makes beige luxury barges to bring your grandmother to the grocery store. The Lexus F models are extremely hardcore and can be painted to match. Both the GS-F and RC-F are available in Molten Pearl paint. It is extremely odd to see a Lexus painted in such a wild color. Molten Pearl is a complete departure from the usual white, black, and silver that typically adorns Lexus models. The automaker wants the F models to be considered as an alternative to AMG and BMW M. Painting them in this wild orange definitely helps them stick out.