These Are The 5 Coolest Paint Colors Audi Has Ever Offered

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Why buy grey or black when these were available?

Audi has made some really boring car colors in the past. For some reason, people feel the need to order German cars in plain shades such as black, white, and silver. These colors are so monotonous that when Audi decides to release a bright and vibrant color it instantly looks unique. These can often be special ordered so they are never really 100% dead. That is why Audi did not make our list of colors that needed to make a comeback. Here now is our picks for some of the coolest colors the German automaker has ever offered.

When the world is full of black and silver Audis, a nice orange will definitely catch a few eyes as it roars bye. Glut Orange is a very rare color from Audi, and we do understand why. Not everyone is brave enough to drive a pumpkin with four rings on it. However, if you do own one of these, we thank you for breaking the monotony. Glut Orange is now available on the new S3 for the insane price of $18,000. For paint! In all fairness, only five S3s will be painted in orange which will make it extremely rare. In our opinion, the RS5 is the coolest looking car to be finished in Glut Orange. The unique orange looks more like something you'd see on a Lamborghini than on an Audi. Hat tip to Ben Constable for the picture!

Most boring German sedans are available in some kind of silver or grey, but only Audi seems to be able to create such an incredibly unique and diverse range of grey paint colors. Nimbus Grey was introduced on the 2000 Audi TT Nieman Marcus edition. The car also featured moccasin red baseball leather with thick stitching. This color quickly became a classic and was even offered on the TT RS final edition. Only 100 Nieman Marcus TTs were sold and only 20-30 TT RS final editions were made. Nimbus Grey's flat color inspired recent Audi hues such as Suzuka and Nardo Grey. Nimbus was the original and many people still paint their Audi/VW cars in this awesome color that shows grey isn't always boring.

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Next up is another special edition color for the new S3. Riviera Blue is an extremely unique color that almost reminds us of Porsche's new Miami Blue. This color is slightly less in your face than orange but still manages to be extremely unique. An S3 that is painted in this color will be extremely difficult to find, so you may need to special order it. The RS6 is shown in this color and looks simply astounding. Riviera Blue lets an Audi stand out without drawing too much attention. For $3,900 Audi will let customers order custom paint on models such as the RS7

The S4 has always been a great sleeper car that could take on most sports cars without being noticed. That is, unless you order it in Imola Yellow. Imola Yellow has been a staple color on the S4 since the B5 generation. The color has looked great on all of the subsequent generations and was even available on the B7 generation RS4. When most of the other colors on the S4 were either some form of white, black, or silver, yellow was a truly unique option. The latest generation B8 S4 was not available in this awesome color, which was a total bummer. Hopefully when the B9 S4 ships to the US it will be available in this now classic color. Sedans are usually kind of boring, so having a yellow one creates a nice balance.


We finish this list off with the most legendary Audi color ever. Nagaro Blue was available on the old RS2 Avant. The RS2 featured a 2.2-liter 315-hp five-cylinder turbocharged engine. The RS2 is so legendary that Audi built the RS4 Avant Nagaro to pay tribute to the original super-fast wagon. This shade of blue has been available on Audi models like the S4 and S4 Avant over the years and is now synonymous with rare models from the automaker. You could even get matching alcantara seats in blue to complete the awesome look. We don't want to poison your opinion, but we think that Nagaro Blue is the best color that Audi made. Do you agree? Did your favorite Audi color make the list? Let us know!


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