These Are The 5 Least Practical Cars That You Can Buy Right Now

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To hell with practicality, these cars are all about fun.

When most people buy cars, life tends to get in the way. We all love the idea of cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in a two-seat supercar, without worrying where the baggage that "normal people" need to carry would fit. Owning a sporty car doesn't mean you have to sacrifice practicality. You can check out the five most practical sports cars on the market here. The idea of a practical sports car is great, but what if life didn't have to get in the way? We wanted to create a list of the top five unpractical sports cars that are utterly uncompromising.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo decided to make a strange move when it returned to the US. Instead of bringing one of its existing hatchback models from Europe, Alfa Romeo decided to build a carbon fiber-tubbed mid-engine sports car. Mid-engine cars aren't always impractical like the Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster. Unlike the 718, the 4C does not have two trunks. It only has one very small trunk that sits very close to the hot engine (so no carrying ice-cream). Inside, the Alfa doesn't really match the Porsche on comfort. The 4C's stereo looks like it was bought for $200 at Best Buy. It may not be practical, but the 4C is a nice halo car for the Alfa Romeo brand.

Goodbye To The Gearbox; You'll Be Missed
Goodbye To The Gearbox; You'll Be Missed
Rarest Dodge Vehicles On The Planet
Rarest Dodge Vehicles On The Planet

The 4C may be impractical, but it is practically a minivan compared to the Morgan 3 Wheeler. With this car, you don't get four wheels, doors, a roof or a windshield. The Morgan basically has no storage, so you'll have to travel lightly with this car. However, the 3 Wheeler is one of the most unique driving experiences that money can buy. While we haven't sampled the Morgan, we have driven one of its competitors, the Vanderhall Venice. Cars like the Venice and 3 Wheeler are extremely fun to drive, and are actually a bit more practical than a motorcycle. Still, people who want a usable car should probably buy a Miata.

The Dodge Challenger is actually a pretty practical coupe. It has a lot of space and is very comfortable for long trips. The same cannot be said of the Dodge Demon. This car is focused on doing one thing, going down the drag strip as fast as possible. In order to match the Demon's 9.65 second quarter-mile time, you'll have to order the $1 crate option. This gives the Demon narrow front drag wheels, the ability to run race gas, and a few other upgrades. The fastest Demon will also have only one seat. You can replace the other seats for a minimal cost, but the one-seat version of the car is the one that purists will want.

Even with just one seat, the Dodge Demon still has enough space to carry things. That isn't the case for the BAC Mono. This track-day car only has a single seat, so don't expect to be able to bring anyone else for a ride. As expected, the Mono has pretty much no room for anything, unless you are only carrying a pencil or two. The Mono was specifically designed to go as fast as possible around a race track. It features a 2.5-liter Ford engine that can rocket the car up to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. This car may be extremely compromised, but that allows it to keep up with a McLaren P1 on the track.


The Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared is the only car on this list that is actually practical in the sense that it can hold five adults and has a decent size trunk. The reason why the 4x4 makes the list is because of its completely impractical size. This truck is usable, but good luck trying to park it in most major cities in America. The G500 4x4 Squared was built to tackle deserts and off-road routes without compromise. However, all of its off-road prowess has made it a bit of a handful to drive through traffic. Most people are not going to be off-roading with the truck everyday, so we think that it is mostly impractical.

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