These Are the Best 4 States For Driving Fast

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Not quite the Autobahn, but still good enough.

Driving on America's highways isn't anything like the famed German Autobahn. For one thing, America has speed limits. And, well, that's perhaps the biggest thing. The average speed limit on American highways is about 70 mph. In Hawaii it's just 55. But in four other states, the limit is 80 mph on certain highways. If you're a resident or just passing through Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Texas, then get ready to legally drive faster than anywhere else in the country.

However, it must be reiterated than not every highway in these four states has this speed limit. In other words, you'll have to look for speed limit signs in order to be sure. Another way of knowing you're in one of these high speed zones is they're typically limited to four-lane roads. Detractors, obviously, fear that these 80 mph zones will not only lead to increased accidents and fatalities, but also that 85 mph may one day become the new norm. However, the biggest cause of car accidents isn't speed; it's really the differences in speed. Do remember though, accidents which happen at increased speeds are also more likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities.

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