These Are The Best Car Commercials From Super Bowl 50


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Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is as much about the commercials as it is about the game actually being played on the field. Car companies are one of the biggest-if not the biggest-advertisers at the big game. Every year automakers drop millions in an attempt to create the next viral hit, introduce a new model or simply remind you that a car still exists (cough, Acura NSX). I watched the Super Bowl and am now here to pass judgment on the car commercials played during it. Here are the best from last night's game.

First up is Audi's "Commander" ad starring the R8 V10 Plus. You may have thought the whole space theme, was hokey. That's fair, but damn it all if watching this ad left anyone not wanting to get behind the wheel of the new R8. Nice touch using David Bowie's "Starman" for the soundtrack, Audi.

It wouldn't be halftime in America without a patriotic ad from an American automaker. Luckily Jeep's "Portraits" ad was tastefully done and not over the top. It's a mixture of historical and pop culture touchstones, with soldiers sharing screen time with Hollywood and music legends. Watch this without getting choked up or wanting to hoon a Wrangler. We dare you.

Automakers often fail when trying to sell cars using animals. See the Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl 50 ad. If you're going the talking animal route, don't add in extra details. No need to mention a new feature no one will remember a day later. Subaru hit the talking animal nail on the head with its "Doggie Bag" spot. Damn you, evil cat valet.

Some people might have been put off that an automaker dared to address stereotypes during the Super Bowl, but I for one found it admirable. Mini deserves points for calling out those who say its pint-sized automobiles are "gay cars." Of course the ad would have been better if Randy Johnson actually tried to get into the two-door hardtop. So close.

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