These Are The Best Cars On The Market With The Biggest Incentives

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All of these cars have huge deals in the month of December.

As we approach the end of the year, car dealerships will pull out all of the stops in order to sell cars. While the dealers do have some control over their pricing, some of the biggest incentives come straight from the manufacturer. We've seen GM offer some sweet deals on performance models like the Camaro and Corvette in the past. Autoblog has gathered some of the best incentives that can be found this month. These aren't just boring models like the Camry or Rogue, either.


The list starts off strong with three Jaguar models, the F-Type, XJ and XF. Jaguar will be offering up to $7,500 off of the F-Type. Unfortunately, you can only save this much if you currently own a Jaguar or Land Rover product, although you don't have to trade that car in to qualify for the deal. The same deal also applies to the XF and XJ, where the savings can be as much as $11,000 and $11,500 respectively. There may still be some incentives for brand-new Jaguar-Land Rover customers, but current owners would be crazy not to upgrade.

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Volvo is another luxury automaker that will be offering nice incentives on its most prestigious models. Both the S90 sedan and the V90 CrossCountry will be discounted. The S90 will see a discount of $4,500, while the more rarified V90 CrossCountry will be $5,500 off. Unfortunately, we aren't sure if the deal also applies to the regular V90 wagon, which is special order only.


If those first two deals weren't good enough, then maybe these incredible incentives from Lexus may tempt you. Lexus is currently offering $8,000 off a new LS460. Lexus will soon be getting the new LS500 in stock, so it wants to get rid of the old LS460 models. Those who are looking for a bit more performance can also swing for the GS F, which has a discount of $7,000. The RC F coupe also has the same discount, which may signify the arrival of a more powerful engine in future F models.


Ford has the most cars on the list, with deals on the Mustang, Fusion Sport, Focus ST and Fiesta ST. The 2018 Mustangs are arriving at dealerships, so Ford is offering $2,750 off of 2017 GT models. The Fusion has the biggest incentives with a $4,150 reduction. This isn't any basic Fusion either, this is the Fusion Sport with the 325-hp twin-turbo V6. The Focus and Fiesta ST twins will also be getting $3,500 off, making them great deals. We think that the Fiesta ST in particular is one of the best deals on the market right now.

The last two deals are from FCA. Dodge will offer $3,750 off the Challenger. This deal does not apply to SRT models like the Hellcat, but will work on V8 models like the R/T Scat Pack Shaker or 392. Finally, Alfa Romeo will offer a $2,750 discount on the Giulia Ti for customers who don't currently own an FCA vehicle. Unfortunately, the deal doesn't apply to the Quadrifoglio, but the base Giulia is nothing to scoff at.

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