These Are The Best Movie Car Chase Scenes Of The 1980s

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Did your favourite 1980's movie car chase make the list?

The 1960s and 70s are often considered the golden era of movie car chases with Bullitt, The French Connection and The Driver cropping up in lists of greatest car chases of all time. They hark back to a time when potentially dangerous car stunts were performed for real without the safety net of CGI that plagues many modern movies. And yet the 1980s is often overlooked when reviewing some of the best movie car chases in cinema. As a list compiled by Donut Media shows, there are plenty of chase scenes from 1980s films that are well worth revisiting.

Perhaps the most famous example included is The Blues Brothers. The film is best known for its comedic chase scenes that crash a countless number of police cars, but the driving is equally impressive. Driving the Bluesmobile through downtown Chicago at 115 mph takes a lot of nerve. To Live and Die in L.A. also features a very underrated chase scene.

The roles are reversed in the 1985 film as secret service agents are chased by bad guys. Director William Friedkin wanted to film a chase that was even more ambitious than his last effort, The French Connection, and he arguably succeeded. To Live and Die in L.A. features the first freeway wrong way sequence in a movie chase, and it's exhilarating to watch knowing all the stunt driving was done for real. Elsewhere, Mad Max: The Road Warrior features a lengthy chase with a tanker truck that's admittedly tame compared to Fury Road, but still impressive for the time. Several stuntmen were injured during filming, which shows how dangerous these stunts actually were.

The Junkman is also an underrated gem. Directed by H.B. Halicki in 1982, who helmed the original Gone in 60 Seconds which features a chase scene lasting over 30 minutes, the film features some impressive driving in a Corvette – the stunt where it drives over a row of parked cars as a shortcut to outwit the cops is inspired. 150 vehicles were destroyed in The Junkman, which was a world record at the time. Which movie made it to the top of the list? You'll have to watch the video to find out. Be sure to let us know your favorite movie car chase scenes from the 1980s.

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