These Are The Best Paint Colors From The World's Craziest Automaker


Lamborghini's paint jobs single-handedly create gearheads.

Buying a Lamborghini is a message to the world that you are a reserved and sophisticated individual. Oh wait, that's not right. A Lamborghini is meant to be wild and outrageous. Pulling up to your destination in a Lambo lets others know that you have arrived in style and that you command attention. These cars are great in any color, but some just pop more. We have compiled a list of the five best colors that Lamborghini has ever made. This was very difficult because there have been so many great colors!


First on our list is Arancio Borealis or, for those of you who don't speak the language of Lamborghini's paint codes, orange. Orange is one of the most popular colors that Lamborghini offers, and for good reason. When you own such an outrageous car, it makes sense that you would want an outrageous color. We particularly like how well the Gallardo looked in Arancio Borealis, especially when the car was a Bicolore or Balboni edition. The Bicolore features a black roof which gives it a more menacing look. The Balboni edition was named after Lamborghini's most famous test driver. Not only does the car feature rear-wheel drive instead of the usual all-wheel drive, it also comes with arguably the best stripe ever put on a car.


The next color on our list is Viola Ophelia. Purple has not been a common color choice since the Diablo was sold in the 1990s. Purple cars in general aren't offered much anymore. This is a shame, because we think it looks pretty amazing on the Aventador. If you want to be unique in the world of supercars, purple should definitely be your number one choice. We also love Rosso Bia, or red. Back in the 1980s, red was a very popular color on the Countach. However, in recent years red hasn't been the most popular color. Lamborghini customers typically went for orange or yellow. Now, Rosso Bia has been brought back in spectacular fashion with the Aventador SV.

We will wrap up this list with two of the most popular Lamborghini colors of all time. These colors haven't really gone out of style and remain as amazing choices to paint a Lamborghini. Verde Ithaca and Giallo Horus (green and yellow). Both of these shades have had many iterations over the years. However, no matter how many variations of these colors are made, they are still the two colors that most people associate with when they think about a Lamborghini. My love of cars was born the day I laid eyes on my first ever dream car, a bright yellow Diablo. To this day, I still want to own a yellow Lamborghini, particularly a Balboni edition Gallardo.


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