These Are The Best Sport Seats On The Market Right Now

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We'd be happy to spend time sitting in any of these exceptional seats.

J.D. Power recently published its 2017 Seat Quality and Satisfaction Study. This study surveyed 77,000 owners and lessees of new cars to see which had the best seats in different categories. While we couldn't disagree with many of the cars on the list, we noticed our favorite sports seats were absent. So we went ahead and created our own list of the best sports car seats on the market. We based our choices off of how good the seat functions in racing situations, without sacrificing comfort for road use as well as overall design.

Porsche always gives its customers a wealth of options including seats. Most Porsche cars have a choice between normal seats and sport seats, with various levels of adjustability and features such as heating and ventilation. The seats that we have chosen for our list are the optional buckets. These seats are one piece carbon fiber, so they can only slide forward and backward and be adjusted for height at the dealership. The bucket seats lack in comfort, but make up for it by being incredibly supportive on track. Only the hardcore Porsche models like the 911 GT3 and Cayman GT4 are available with these awesome seats.

Many people criticize the Lexus RC F and GS F for being underpowered and heavier than their German rivals. This may be true, but one area where the Japanese automaker excels is in the interior. Both the RC F and GS F have very pleasant interiors that are capped off by some of the most striking seats on the market. These seats are very comfortable on long trips thanks to heating and ventilation. They are also extremely supportive for aggressive driving. We love that the F logo is put on the headrest and the unique design of the stitching. These may be the prettiest seats on the market and are very comfortable to boot.

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The current generation BMW M3 and M4 have been criticized recently for not being a complete car. BMW has addressed this criticism with the Competition Pack and the new M4 CS. The Competition Pack adds 19 hp for a total of 450. The power increase doesn't make the car too much faster, but the overall driving experience is improved. One of the other upgrades in this package is the seats. The Competition seats are similar in design to the old seats, except there are now two slits in the middle. This not only makes the seats lighter, but also lets the driver's back breathe without getting sweaty.


We're used to seeing comfortable seats from Mercedes-Benz, but AMG has gone all out to create one of our favorite sport seats on the market. We first saw these seats in the AMG GT sports car, but they are now available on other models like the C 63 AMG. Choosing the AMG Performance front seats in the C 63 costs $2,500 and the driver will have to sacrifice optional seat ventilation. We think that it's worth the investment because these are some of the best sports seats on the market. They may be a bit firm, but they also feature beautiful stitched leather that dresses up the interior. The convertible AMG GT C is even available with the Mercedes air scarf for cold days.

When we think of sporty seats, Volvo usually doesn't feature prominently in our thoughts. However, Volvo knows how to make one of the safest and most comfortable seats on the market, while its Polestar division does a great job of making them sporty. We think that the seats in the S60 and V60 Polestar models may be the most comfortable seats in any sport sedan. They have almost no pressure points and are covered in a sporty Alcantara with Polestar blue stitching. These may not be the most aggressive seats on this list, but they are by far the most comfortable.


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