These Are The BIG Mistakes Everyone Makes While Driving A Manual

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Engineering Explained lets you know what you're doing wrong.

Driving a manual transmission is becoming a lost art. We have debated whether the manual transmission should die off, but it is obvious that less and less people even know how to drive one. Even if you consider yourself to be a true enthusiast and drive a manual, you may be unaware of certain mistakes that you are making while doing so. Getting the hang of driving a manual is a little tricky at first, but once you have it down you may think you are perfect. YouTuber Engineering Explained shows that you may not be as good as you think you are.

These are the top five things that you should never do in a manual transmission. We admit that we are even guilty of committing a few of these. It does feel good to use the shifter as a hand rest, and it looks cool too!

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