These Are The Biggest Car Tattoo Fails Of All Time

These people have the proudest parents on earth.

The nice thing about cars is that you can always alter them with paint or body kits if you don’t like how they look. The human body shares the same luxury but to a smaller extent using tattoos or plastic surgery. Unlike paint jobs, tattoos are permanent decisions, so you’d think that people would take caution and choose quality art to get embedded under their skin. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and as these diehard gearheads with questionable decision-making skills show, the results can be downright painful to see.

What’s even more surprising then the tattoos themselves is the fact that these tattoo owners allowed their ink to be photographed. Most of us in the same situation would say goodbye to beach days and Tinder dates and simply never take our clothes off to let these tattoos see the light of day. Everything from stereotype-affirming tribal tattoos with Hondas mixed in to the Volkswagen logo framed in a Superman symbol (we’re sure some EPA regulators will beg to differ) made the cut. Just let these people be a lesson on what not to do in case you feel like getting something to shock your family at Christmas dinner. Next time go with the nose ring because at least that way you won't ruin your life.

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