These Are The Cars Most Likely To Be Owned By Psychopaths

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Beware of drivers piloting gold-colored electric BMWs with personalized plates.

There is a mutual understanding between road users that we all have to stick to the rules, or at least the right side of the road in order for this whole car thing to work. But on the fringes of road-going society lives a select few that make driving an unpleasant experience for all. Studies and surveys have been conducted throughout the years that have tried to pinpoint bad drivers based on the color and brand of car they drive, and in most instances, the finger points to BMW drivers. The AAA foundation for Traffic Safety has also noted that teenagers are a hazard to us all, but Scrap Car Comparison has come up with an interesting way to find out whether or not you're a hazard to fellow road users: by taking a psychopathy test.

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2,000 people were asked to take a psychopathy test, and the results were... telling. The scores of the test indicate how likely you are to show traits of psychopathy such as lack of remorse, over-inflated self-worth, and superficial charm. Scrap Car Comparison has been able to calculate the average score of groups classified under car brand, color, and even customization. The drivers with the highest chance of being psycho? BMW drivers.

BMW drivers scored an average of 12.1 out of 36. This doesn't help their general bad PR at all. That score is nearly double that of the group average of 6.6. Coming in second place are Audi drivers with a score of 11.7. The two Germans are followed by Fiat at 7, Mazda at 6.4, and Honda at 6.3.

The least psycho of them all are Skoda drivers with a score of 3.2. Other popular brands on the lower side of the scale include Mercedes-Benz drivers with 5.9 (they've always been better drivers than those BMW hooligans), Kia drivers with 4.2, and Toyota drivers with a score of 4.7.

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Interestingly, drivers of electric vehicles scored an unusually high 16 points, which indicates that we're in for a rough future. Hybrid drivers aren't much better at 10 points, and people driving gas vehicles are timid with only 5.2 points.

A car's paint color also plays a role in determining if you're insane: those with flashy or out-of-the-ordinary colors scored an average of 12.7 out of 36. Gold came in at number one with a score of 12.7, while drivers of red cars scored only 4.9. It also turns out that people with personalized number plates are also a bit crazy. This group scored an average of 13.8, while those with standard plates scored only 5.3.

So if you see someone in a gold BMW M3 driving towards you, make way, but we'd rather trust an Uber driver who arrives in a gas-fed, red-colored Kia K5 with standard plates.

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Source Credits: Scrap Car Comparison

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