These are the Cars That Deserve 'Made in America' Stickers


Ford F-Series and Corvette are the All-American List-Toppers.

In this age of international corporations, shared platforms and global manufacturing, has the term 'Made in America' become a bit of an exaggeration? Can the same sticker be equally applied to models that used to be the symbol of imported cars and killing American jobs? Prof. Frank DuBois, who teaches international business at American University, has compiled a comprehensive index which rates all the cars currently sold in America, awarding them with a score that ranks just how 'American' they really are.

Unsurprisingly, the Big Three still score fairly highly on the list, with the Ford F-Series trucks and Chevrolet Corvette topping the list. New to the index is the Tesla Model S, which ranked in 13th place this year, but is expected to rise even higher once the company starts producing its own batteries here in the US. And two companies which used to represent the Japanese invasion, Honda and Toyota, are now more American than many 'American' cars, with the Odyssey, Ridgeline, Crosstour, Camry and Tundra all tied for rankings in the top-15 places.


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