These Are The Cars That Get The Most And Least Tickets

Are you driving one of them?

Insurance.com has just released the results of a survey about which cars get the most and least tickets. The survey was conducted from February 2014 to February 2016 and had 323,000 respondents. Insurance.com is an insurance comparison site and as such the respondents of this survey were those seeking quotes for their cars. The question of tickets is in regard to those recently issued, although there is no timeframe listed. The scope is wide (331 models in total) but does provide some interesting insight.

First, the good news. The five cars that get the least tickets, in order, are: Buick Encore (3 percent), Lexus IS350 (3 percent), Acura ILX (6 percent), Cadillac ATS (6 percent) and Chevrolet Express (8 percent). So, what can we infer here? Well, four out of these five cars would be considered “luxury,” with the Express van falling far below that threshold. Two of the five also seem to be for the older crowd, as in the baby boomers who flock to Cadillac and Buick. With the sample size being so large it’s kind of hard to draw any other conclusions. Insurance.com is quick to note that driver's get tickets, not cars. That makes it reasonable to assume that those who drive these five cars are more cautious. Dare we also say that these cars just aren't fun to drive?

Okay, now the bad news. These are the five most ticketed cars, in order: Lexus ES 300 (33 percent), Nissan 350Z (33 percent), Dodge Charger SE/SXT (32 percent), Volkswagen Jetta GL (31 percent) and Chevy Monte Carlo LS/LT (31 percent). This list seems right on the nose as it features performance cars like the 350Z and Charger. If you’re wondering why there aren’t more Lamborghinis or Ferraris here it’s probably because Insurance.com only counted cars with a sample size of 250 or more. One or two highly ticketed Huracans wouldn’t make the list in that case. (Also, do rich people even use sites like this?)

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