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It should make people say "Now that's a Cadillac."

After discussing the pint-size party piece Cadillac should create, it's time to resurrect the artful grace and glamour once synonymous with the Cadillac name, a car that commands and compels by design and function. 2011's Monterey Car Week saw Cadillac do just that, unveiling the Ciel on the eve of The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The four-door drop top greeted the crowd with its grandeur and presence: the 125-inch wheelbase sitting low on 22-inch wheels conveyed a symmetry and aesthetic not seen from a Cadillac in more than half a century.


The now decade old "Art & Science" design language is palpable here, though the overly angular planes and aspects have been subdued allowing for a more organic approach to the sheet metal curvatures. The softened body maintains a European-centric form of styling, and flare, while still incorporating an American presence. Subtle creases trickle down from the angular fender into the front fascia, showcasing elongated head and taillights. The elongated creased trunk and hood re-imagine Cadillacs of old, following its new design philosophy. The full artful presence evokes an era of Art Deco – a sleek and fully modern chariot, built for a Master of the Universe.


Not likely destined for production, the Ciel did, however, make a cameo starring alongside its styling forbearer, a 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible, in a cinematic interpretation of HBO's hit show Entourage. But one could imagine… Say, however, the Ciel was given the green light and would be slated to hit showrooms in early 2018 and set to compete with the likes of the Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce Ghost. The concept featured a twin turbo 3.6 liter V6, coupled with lithium-ion batteries. Cadillac estimated that the total output would be 425 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque, respectively.

No way – power such as this is like putting a child leash on an Olympic weightlifter, it has to go, so in its stead retain the hybrid drive train, but up the power a bit with a 470 horsepower electric motor available for driving around town. Sound like fun? A production variant would offer the four-door convertible as an option, though standard it should come with a fixed top. Given the immense power of the vehicle, carbon ceramic brakes will also come standard as will a kinetic energy recovery system. A variant of GM's magnetorheological dampers and shock absorbers or MagneRide will be available alongside an adaptive suspension.

The car would be a statement of success at every level; similar to the Cadillacs of old perhaps even able to wear the fabled Sixteen name, though in keeping the French theme, it could be called "Seize" (Sixteen in French).


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