Consumer Reports

These Are the Cars You Should Avoid

What's reliable? What's problematic? Consumer Reports gives us the scoop on the latter.

When it comes to buying a new or used car, the task can be quite daunting. Of course, if you’re reading this article then you’re likely a car nut who’s fully aware of what’s good and what’s bad to drive. This list compiled by Consumer Reports after completing its annual testing is meant for those who need a little extra help with their purchase. Still, it’s always good to know which cars didn’t score very well, for whatever reason(s). So here it is, by segment, which cars CR does no/t recommend.

Subcompacts: Smart ForTwo, Scion iQ, Chevy Spark. Compacts: Scion tC, Mitsubishi Lancer, Dodge Dart. Midsize sedans: Chrysler 200/Dodge Avenger. Large sedans: Ford Taurus. Luxury sedans: Lexus IS, Lincoln MKS, BMW 7 Series. Wagons & Minivans: Honda Crosstour. Small SUVs: Jeep Compass and Patriot, Jeep Cherokee (2.4-liter), Mitsubishi Outlander. Midsize and Large SUVs: Ford Edge, Nissan Armada, Dodge Journey. Luxury SUVs: Volvo XC90, Lincoln MKX, Range Rover Evoque.

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