These Are The Coolest Ferrari Colors That Are Not Red


Yes, they do come in other colors!

Most people who buy a Ferrari go for red. The color is so common with the brand that many people genuinely don't realize that they come in other colors. So, why are so many Ferraris painted red? The color dates back to vintage racing when cars would be painted based on what country they were from. German cars would be white or silver, British cars would be green, and Italian cars would be red. The color even plays a role today on Ferrari's Formula 1 livery. However, what color do you buy if you don't want to get red?


The first car on our list is the LaFerrari. The car pictured above is owned by Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay. Kay is a well-known car guy who has appeared multiple times on "Top Gear." Unlike most LaFerrari buyers, Jay Kay decided to go WAY out of the box. The LaFerrari only came in black, yellow, or red, but if you threw enough money at Ferrari it would paint it however you wanted. As it turns out, Jay Kay might have been the only one who wanted green. The green is supposed to be the color from the Italian flag, and we think it looks amazing on the car. The goal of choosing green was to give the vehicle a unique vibe that no other LaFerrari would have, and we certainly think that the color achieved this goal.

Ferrari has several yellow paint colors available such as Giallo Modena and Nero Stellato. Next to red, yellow is probably the second showiest color to order on a Ferrari. Although, some might argue that yellow is even flashier. When you're spending so much money on a car, you may want other people to look at you. If you don't want to be so cliche by buying a red Ferrari, yellow is a good compromise. The color has been shown off on two recent special edition Ferraris the F12tdf and 458 Speciale Aperta. While yellow does look awesome on a Ferrari, it is kind of like thinking outside the box, but pressed right up against the box as far as being different.

Who says Ferraris are all driven by men? If you are a woman who wants a unique Ferrari to show off in, you should get Tiffany Blue. We aren't saying that this color is only for women, we would rock it, but baby blue isn't the first color that you think of when you think of tough. Except for maybe the San Diego Chargers, who haven't worn baby blue for years now. However, if you're looking for a cool color to stand out in California, this is perfect. As you can see above the color actually gets brighter when you take it outside! Many people order their Ferrari in a darker blue, but few people have the guts to go for Tiffany Blue. Whether you're buying your wife a really nice birthday present, or just love baby blue, you can't argue that this color is cool.

In the '60s and '70s, most cars weren't painted in wacky colors despite what some people remember. In fact, brown was a very popular car color in the seventies. Although brown may not sound appealing as a car color today, a Ferrari can make anything look good. The 1967 330 GTC pictured above is painted in Nocciola Metallizzato or Copper Metallic. Instead of ordering your Ferrari in a boring color like white (as Justin Bieber did), why not show that you have some style and sophistication that is more elegant than red? Nocciola Metallizzato is a beautiful hue made even more beautiful by being on a Ferrari.


The final color on our list is actually more of a color combo. We get that this list may not have swayed people away from buying a red Ferrari. We get it, Ferraris just deserve to have red on them. But what if you get red in it? We think that the coolest alternative to a red Ferrari is a black or grey Ferrari with red seats. When Ferrari released the F430 Spider, we saw it pictured in dark silver with a red interior. Although this color combination may have been done before, the scheme just looked spectacular on the convertible F430. When you drive a Ferrari, you don't really get to look at the color. So if you want to fly under the radar (sort of) but still enjoy the color red, this is the combo for you! Did you agree with our list? What color was your favorite, or do you just like red?

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