These Are The Hemi V8s That Give Life To The Reborn Mopar Icons

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Because attitude is everything.

At the heart of every muscle car is its engine because, without it, what's the point? The Hemi engines from the original golden age of American muscle make up just one part of Mopar cars, but it's a significant one. There's no room for mistakes here because Mopar owners expect their cars to perform. Mark Worman and his crew from Graveyard Carz are not only fabrication specialists, but also mechanical wizards; they bring those Hemis back to life too. Making sure the entire engine contains only OEM parts and components is no easy task.

The all-new season of Graveyard Carz premieres this October on Velocity. But starting today (Wednesday), Velocity is re-airing five episodes from Season 3 beginning at 11:00 am EST. More show details are available on the official website. Check out what Graveyard Carz and Mopar are all about in the video ahead.

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