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These Are the Most Expensive Cars to Own

Buy wisely now and save money later.

Buying a car is one thing, the overall cost of ownership is another. We’re not just talking about a car’s reliability record. How much will it depreciate? What does it cost to insure? Maintenance? How about at the pump? These are all important factors when deciding on what to buy, and Consumer Reports has come up with a list of compiled data showing which cars, by segment, have the highest cost of ownership over a 5-year period.

Yes, we agree. This is good knowledge to have. So without further ado, here’s the list of cars that’ll require deep pockets: Hyundai Veloster (base, manual): $32,400; Dodge Dart Aero (1.4T): $37,200; VW Passat SEL Premium (V6): $45,600; Chrysler 300C: $55,800; Lexus IS 250 (AWD): $54,000; BMW 750Li: $106,200; Porsche Boxster 2.7 (manual): $64,200; VW Tiguan SEL: $48,000; Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (V6): $57,000; Nissan Armada Platinum: $72,000; Cadillac SRX Luxury/Mercedes GLK 350: $57,000; and Mercedes GL350 Blue Tec: $78,000.

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