These Are The Most Insane Automotive Mashups That You'll See All Day

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These wacky creations will never see the light of day.

Car renderings can be a great predictor of future models. Sometimes they're used to estimate what a new version of a car could look like, such as the Wrangler pickup truck. Other times, it can be used to get a rough idea of a rumored car, such as the Tesla pickup truck. Clickmechanic doesn't really like to live in reality, and instead comes up with out-of-this-world renderings such as Star Wars themed podracers, made by real life car companies. This time the rendering studio decided to create the seven of the oddest car mashups we've ever seen.

These renderings were created by combining the features of 14 completely different cars, in order to create seven abominations that should never see the light of day. We'll let you be the judge of how bad they all are, but we think that there is at least one on this list that we wouldn't mind driving if it was real. The first rendering combines a BMW i8 and a Dodge Charger. Even though the i8 can be plugged into a charger, these two cars have almost nothing in common and seeing an i8 with drag radials and a huge supercharger where it doesn't even have an engine is rather hysterical.

The next rendering is a family mashup of a Volkswagen Beetle and a Bugatti Chiron. Critics of the Bugatti have been known to call it an expensive Beetle, so this rendering is certain to make them laugh. After that comes the Pagani Huayra and Chevy Camaro mashup. This is certainly one of the most ridiculous mashups, and it even reminds us of the Mitsouka Orochi. The cross between the Nissan GT-R and Juke is funny because this is something that people wanted to see in real life. After building a prototype of the GT-R-powered Juke-R, people were clamoring for Nissan to put it into production. They wouldn't have asked if the production car looked this ugly.

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Perhaps the only appealing rendering on this list is the Ford GT and F-150 Raptor combination. We know that the goal of these renderings was to design ugly cars that no one would want, but we would absolutely love the chance to drive a Ford GT that was build for off-roading. The same cannot be said of the Lamborghini Aventador tractor. This rendering gets back on track for being odd and undesirable. Finally, we get to see what it would look like if FCA combined its most valuable car, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and its most ugly car, the Fiat Multipla. This is perhaps the most offensive car on the list, and does exactly what the rendering artist intended.

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