These Are The Most Popular Corvette Configurations For 2022

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Love your Torch Red Coupe with a black interior and Z51 package? So does everybody else!

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is possibly one of the best cars to come out of the USA in a long time. The 6.2-liter V8 provides ample motivation despite modest outputs of 490 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. With exotic styling and a low starting price of $65,595, it's no wonder the all-American sports car is so popular.

With 2023 production now underway, the final 2022 production statistics from the National Corvette Museum make for interesting reading. Unsurprisingly, the Coupe outsold the Convertible, but it was rather close. A total of 25,831 C8s were made last year, with 13,451 of those being coupes and 12,380 being convertible.

A staggering 91% (23,503) of 2022 Corvettes remained in the United States, with just 3.9% of total production heading to the second biggest market, Canada. Our Northern neighbors are the only population who purchased more convertibles than coupes. Globally, only 442 Corvettes were produced in right-hand drive.

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Concerning popular color combinations, it seems Corvette buyers can't get enough of Torch Red. 4,147 examples were finished in this distinctive hue, followed closely by Arctic White (3,603), Hypersonic Grey (3,291), and Red Mist (3,274). The least popular color for 2022 was Caffeine, with a mere 385 examples finished in the brown shade.

Black is by far the preferred choice for the interior, with 9,813 units finished in the tone. Adrenaline Red also proved popular; 6,669 Corvettes rolled down the production line with crimson innards. Interestingly, the more reserved Morello Red is the rarest interior color, with a mere 295 units boasting the unique shade. The majority of vehicles equipped with this are convertibles.

But what about optional equipment? Well, it seems most Corvette buyers can't live without the Z51 performance package. A staggering 17,727 vehicles (mostly convertibles) were specified with this pricey ($6,345 for 2023) option. It wasn't quite as popular as the performance exhaust, though - 22,441 people were happy to pay extra for a throatier growl.

So, what else do the figures tell us? It's the mid-spec 2LT package that found the most buyers in 2022. 11,060 examples were built in this specification, followed closely by the range-topping 3LT at 10,789. This means the least popular derivative is the entry-level 1LT is the rarest of all the 2022 Corvettes; a mere 3,982 examples left the Bowling Green facility.

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The five-spoke wheels finished in Carbon Flash proved the most appealing rim option, with 9,789 Corvettes shod with the attractive alloy design. If you've got time and you're fascinated with all things Corvette, it's certainly worth poring over the details and unearthing the purchasing habits of the average owner.

It would be interesting to see whether Corvette Z06 buyers have different patterns from their Stingray driving counterparts. Pricing for the high-performance variant will start out at $106,395 for a 1LT Coupe, but we're guessing optional extras and accessories will quickly increase the cost. Still, it should be worth the outlay. The 5.5-liter V8 produces a supercar-killing 670 horsepower, which makes it a veritable bargain.

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