These Are The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands And Models In America

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Tesla's position has fallen badly.

Kelley Blue Book has released its fourth-quarter Brand Watch report for 2022, revealing the luxury brands and models that most car shoppers have considered.

In the first quarter of last year, Infiniti and Genesis were at the bottom of the pile, followed by Buick, Acura, Audi, and Tesla. Mercedes took home the fourth spot behind Lexus and Cadillac, while BMW was on top, again. The most considered model was the Cadillac Escalade, followed by the Buick Enclave, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Lexus RX, BMW 5 Series, Acura MDX, BMW 3 Series, BMW X5, and Buick Encore.

As before, we'll work our way up from the least popular brands for Q4 2022 and do the same for individual models.

2022-2023 Buick Enclave Front Angle View Buick

There's been a bit of a shakeup in the order, with Lincoln in tenth place, making up just 7% of buyers' consideration. Volvo got 8% while Tesla has dropped to single-digit percentages with 9%. However, it's worth remembering that Tesla could climb in the first quarter of this year after a number of aggressive price cuts helped to boost sales at the start of this year.

Back to the report, and Buick grabbed sixth position with 11% while Acura came home with 13%. Then it was Mercedes-Benz with 15%, just behind Audi, which also managed 15%. Cadillac dropped from second to third with 18%, swapping places with Lexus, which managed 19%. That means that BMW once again was the most considered luxury brand, with 22% of shoppers considering a purchase from the German automaker.

2022-2023 BMW iX Logo CarBuzz

KBB also reports that shopping for SUVs increased to 68%, up one percentage point from Q3 2022 but down from 70% a year prior. Shopping for luxury cars, in general, dropped slightly from 53% to 51% compared to the previous quarter, but that was still an improvement over the 49% figure of the year before.

Once again, the interest in individual models is not directly aligned with consideration per brand. At the bottom of the pile, the Acura TLX and the Tesla Model 3 tied for tenth position, beaten by the BMW 5 Series, the Buick Encore, and then the Cadillac CT5. In sixth was the BMW X5 behind its 3 Series sibling, and the Lexus RX took fourth. The first of the podium places goes to the Acura MDX, while the Cadillac Escalade swapped places with the Buick Enclave, with the former missing out on the crown after it held the position for the previous three quarters of the year.

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