These Are The Supercars, Trucks And Crossovers 'Cool' Parents Should Be Driving

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As suggested by a single guy with no kids.

First things first, I am not a parent. Yes, I know that makes me grossly underqualified when it comes to suggesting what cars parents should and shouldn't drive. But this isn't about the best family cars now is it? No, this is about the cars that "cool" moms and dads would drive. And just because I'm not a parent doesn't mean I was never a child. I have vivid memories of my parents picking me up and dropping me off in cars that never even sniffed cool. (That's you, Dodge Journey.)

Basically, take these suggestions with a grain of salt and a grin. No one is saying you should abandon your SUV or minivan…but that doesn't mean you can't consider it. First up is the car for cool parents who care about the environment and sport Ray-Ban Clubmasters and scarfs in 85-degree weather. They don't drive a Toyota Prius but a Tesla Model S P90D. The EV puts out 762 horsepower and 713 lb-ft of torque and can fit the whole family. Of course being so cool costs serious cash as the Model S P85D, 90-kilowatt-hour battery upgrade and "Ludicrous Mode" option don't come cheap. All told you may spend close to $130,000 but the envy of fellow parents and the thrill of Ludicrous Mode will be totally worth it.


Before you freak out about the inclusion of the Nissan GT-R NISMO, consider the facts. First off is that it actually has back seats. They are practically nonexistent but that doesn't mean small children or bags of groceries can't be put in them. Also note that the GT-R isn't awful on gas with a 16 city/22 highway split. That's really good for a car capable of almost doing 200 mph out the box. It's also Japanese, so it'll run forever, right? It may not be 100 percent sensible but that's not the goal here. Coolness is.


Should you elect to drive an SUV then why not have the only one with a Hellcat in it? That would put you behind the wheel of the recently announced Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. If someone dared to say you sold out you could simply open up the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 while loudly telling them to go to hell. There's enough space for the kids and cargo but the steep price tag, rumored to be around $80,000, may scare some off. Those are the weak parents you should avoid like the plague.


Maybe you live in a city where parking is tight and big, bulky SUVs aren't too practical. That's totally fine, because the Nissan Juke R exists. You get the Juke's tiny size, quirky looks and decent interior room along with the GT-R's engine. Sounds like a win-win to us. The only downside here is that the Juke R is incredibly rare and expensive.

For many Americans trucks are just as much family cars as minivans or SUVs, which is why the Ford Raptor SuperCrew is featured here. The truck was just shown off at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and take it from us: This thing is spacious. It's also not super fuel inefficient as there's an EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 and 10-speed automatic transmission running the show. If you're going to drag the kids to the desert to take GoPro videos from your new dirt bike then this is the truck you should be driving.

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