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These are the Top 10 Brands to Drive Till They're Worthless

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Run these babies into the ground.

Most of us gearheads love our cars either brand-spanking new and fresh off the lot, or old, classic and restored, with a great deal of history and very few miles on the clock. But for some buyers who believe in buying a car and driving it until it just can't be driven anymore – the question of which car can offer the most miles before becoming defunct is an important one. A New York-based classified ads website named Mojo Motors has just comprised a list of the top-10 brands for doing just that.

The question behind this study is, 'how many miles can these cars get driven before reaching a "worthless" point'. And the first place, with 210,705 average miles, goes to Toyota. The study found Honda (209,001) a close second, followed by Ford (198,409), Dodge (198,266) and Chevrolet (195,754). The second half of the top-ten includes Nissan, Subaru, GMC, Acura and Mazda, which closes the list with 177,729 miles before being declared 'worthless'.

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