These are the Top Dating Sites for Gearheads Looking for Love


Because you can’t find love sitting in your garage all day.

Nowadays there are dating sites for just about any type of person. Whether you’re a sea captain or a mime (Google it), it’s almost guaranteed that someone out there just like you is looking for love. Car guys/gals are no exception, and there is a small cottage industry of online dating sites aimed just at them. These websites know that true love can only be found under the hood/through an advanced matching algorithm. Below you’ll find the top dating sites for gearheads. Remember, there’s no shame in signing up as long as you don’t tell anyone.

If you lost your last wife over your love for your hot rod, then Hot Rodding Singles is for you. The site caters specifically to “auto enthusiasts, race, and NASCAR fans” so take from that what you will. Something tells me those who own hot rods stand a better chance of finding someone to date during a late night cruise in said hot rod. Still, it never hurts to have options.

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Date My Ride is either the best idea or the worst idea, ever. The site lets you browse singles and judge them by what kind of car they drive. If you drive an awesome car this should land you lots of dates. However, if your Camry isn’t up to snuff you may be left on the outside looking in as your inbox remains empty. You’ve got to wonder how many Sentra owners put a Lamborghini as their profile picture. It’s only a lie up until the part where she finds out.

It’s tough to imagine what it would feel like to have your friends find your Car Passions account. This site is more for those who like cars but who aren’t in love with them. Its goal is to connect auto enthusiasts and it's 100 percent free to join. Best of all, you get access to other sites in the “Passions” network after joining. That’s right, Vampire Passions and Overweight Passions are just a click away.

Those who prefer to experience the open road on two wheels need love, and Biker Kiss knows this. The site connects bikers of all types, and according to its description it is both the first and largest dating website for bikers. Something that may go unnoticed is that Biker Kiss can be used in both German and English. That’s right, hot German biker babes are waiting to meet you…maybe.