These Are The Two Cop Cars Most Likely To Pull You Over

Be aware.

Building and selling cop cars is big business, as the Big Three Detroit automakers know full and well. Only one, however, is absolutely dominating that specific market segment these days. Think for a moment. Which of those three automakers seemingly has the most cop cars on the road? The answer is Ford. According to a recent announcement, the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and Utility vehicles currently have a 61% market share in the US for the first half of 2015.

Replacing the now discontinued but still beloved Ford Crown Vic wasn’t any easy task, but America’s finest particularly seem to dig the Interceptor Utility which is officially the best-selling police vehicle in the US. Compared to their civilian vehicle counterparts, the Interceptors boast ballistic door panels, police-tuned stability control and suspension systems, and bigger brakes. Police reportedly like having an SUV over sedan because – no surprise here – greater space a heightened seating position.

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