These Are The Winterized Supercars Of Our Wildest Dreams


Imagine being able to drive some of these rugged supercars all-year round.

The sad truth is that most supercars get stored away in garages during the winter months since they aren't built to handle treacherous driving conditions. Some manufacturers like McLaren offer bespoke winter tires so you can still use your supercar as a daily driver without fear of sliding into the nearest wall. But we can't help but dream about owning a rugged four-wheel drive supercar that can be used all-year round. With the help of render artist Javier Oquendo, Carbuyer has converted a selection of track-based supercars into wild winter warriors.

First up is the aptly named Mercedes-AMG Unimog GT, a mash-up between Mercedes' most extreme supercar and truck that blends the Mercedes-AMG GT with the all-wheel-drive Unimog. With over 500-hp and long-travel suspension, it makes for an ideal winter weapon to tackle snowy conditions. Next up is what Oquendo calls the Audi TT RS Sport Quattro, which as the name suggests combines the TT RS with the legendary Sport Quattro. It's a logical combination, since both cars feature four-wheel drive and a five-cylinder turbocharged engine. It also sports a similar livery to the iconic Audi Quattro S1 that conquered the gruelling Group B rally championship.

A Caterham 620 also gets winter-prepped in what is one of the artist's more extreme designs. If you want to conquer snow and ice in a Caterham, what is the solution? Convert it into a snowmobile, of course. It sounds mad, but there is some logic here. Few cars are faster on a track than the Caterham 620 since it was primarily designed to set blistering lap times. Likewise, on snow nothing is as nimble as a snowmobile. We can already imagine either The Grand Tour or Top Gear turning this into a reality. If the Caterham 620 snowmobile wasn't crazy enough, Oquendo's ideal Ferrari for the winter is a fearsome Ferrari GTC4 monster truck.

Apart from the body, there's very little trace of the GTC4 in this design as its roaring V12 engine and four-wheel drive system has been replaced by a spaceframe chassis, a nitrous-fed V8 engine, four-wheel steering and massive 66-inch tires. Last but not least is the Lambo-plough, which is essentially a Lamborghini Aventador with a snowplough attached. Its low and pointy design could probably plough through snow without any modifications, but the huge plough attachment converts the supercar into a high-speed snow clearance vehicle. Jon Olsson would approve, since the Swedish skier has a reputation for converting supercars into winter weapons.

One of his most famous projects was his winterized Lamborghini Huracan with a supercharged engine that produced over 800-hp, all-wheel drive and a winter-ready rooftop ski box and camouflage body wrap.

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