These Are The World's Most Popular Paint Colors For 2021

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It turns out the world has pretty boring taste in car colors.

When it comes to making your car stand out, you can either do something crazy like an animation-style paint job, or you can go the simpler route of fitting a new set of wheels. But many people don't care for aftermarket solutions, so the most customization they'll ever do is choosing what color car they buy off the showroom floor, which is a surprisingly important deciding factor for many buyers. But have you ever stopped to wonder what colors are the most popular?

Paint specialist Axalta has just released its 69th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2021. As it turns out, the world is a pretty boring place to drive a car, with an overwhelming 35% of the world's cars being white, 19% being black, 19% being grey, and 9% being silver. America is more adventurous than most regions, however, and has more red cars on the road than anywhere else.

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A whopping 8% of cars in North America are red, which is a 1% increase compared to last year and 3% higher than the worldwide average. North America's favorite color is white (28%) despite a 2% drop in demand, while grey (21% of the market) occupies second.

One in ten cars on American roads are blue, and not surprisingly, only 1% of cars are sold with green paint. This doesn't come as much surprise, since, aside from cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT R and BMW M3 with Green Hell Magno and Isle of Man Green, respectively, not many automakers sell attractive shades of green.

A few trucks and SUVs offer shades of it, but not many people want to stand out that much. Even fewer buyers opted for yellow or gold, with less than 1% of cars found in these colors, and less than 1% attributed to 'others' including orange, purple, pink, etc. Surprisingly, 2% of American cars are beige - less than the world average of 3% and well below Russia, where 11% of cars are found in these colors.

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Other anomalies globally include Europe with the highest number of blue cars (11%) and Asia, which has the highest take-rate for yellow and gold cars at 2%. Europe is the only region in the world to not favor white cars above all else, preferring grey cars at a rate of 27% to white's 23%.

Looking at the breakdown by segment, some things are not surprising. Red is most popular on compact/sports cars, with 10% of American cars in this category sporting the vibrant color. Blue is also most popular here at 13%, and 'others' surges to 2%, higher than any other category. Trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and luxury car buyers favor white, black, grey, and silver, although the latter has decreased in popularity this year.

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