These Are The Worst Car Maintenance Myths We All Need To Stop Spreading

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Don't listen to the car advice your friends give you, they don't know what they're talking about. And you might not either.

The funny thing about car advice is that many times, it's wrong. That's a tough fact to take in given how well established the practice of building a car and keeping it running is, but like a game of telephone, sometimes the message that makes it to the listener's ears isn't the one that was initially put out. The misinformation could spout from misinterpretation, like in a game of telephone, or out of plain old incompetence and the arrogance that fills the place of true knowledge.

Or, if you're anything like our old high school auto shop teacher, the dud info could be a result of trolling, such as when the morning announcements included a message to all teachers and license-bearing students to fill their tires with winter air in order to acclimate the rubber.

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It's no thanks to misinformation that organizations like Consumer Reports exist. They make all their money on the basis of trust and keeping manufacturers to their word. This time around, the CR YouTube channel has compiled a list of car maintenance myths told to innocent and unknowing car owners either by mechanics wanting to make a few bucks or a caring friend who doesn't know any better. But you're better than these people. You're an enthusiast armed with knowledge, and you know what knowledge means right? The power to not get gypped into wasting time or money on your car. You already spend enough of both on your car without any dud advice, but just in case you need a refresher, here you go.

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