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These Are The Worst Selling Cars Of 2016 So Far

As judged by total sales in the first quarter of 2016.

CNET's Brian Cooley has compiled a list that shows the five worst selling cars so far in the US this year and how each model's sales have changed since this time last year. The list is based on total sales in the first quarter of 2016. No. five is the Cadillac ELR. Only 262 have been sold (down 18%). The ELR will be killed off, but not until 2018. It is just a gussied up Volt, anyway. No. 4 is the Kia K900 which sold only 249 units (down 9%). We guess a luxury Kia doesn't make sense to Americans.

No. 3 is the soon-to-be-replaced BMW Z4, with just 217 sold (down 269%). BMW blames slow Chinese sales, but we blame the fact that the car hasn't been updated since 2009. No. 2 is the Mercedes B-Class. Yeah we forgot about it too. Only 161 have been sold (down 206%). We won't give you number one, but will tell you that it is a Porsche.

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