These Are The Worst Thing About Being A Car Enthusiast

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Try to avoid these things at all costs.

We will soon be in a time when environmentally friendly and self-driving cars dominate the road. Does that mean car enthusiasts will become a dying breed? We hope not, but there are several annoying trends that are already making being a car enthusiast less appealing than it used to be. By pointing them out, we hope that we can help our readers avoid falling into these traps and keep their passion for cars pure and pain free.


Seeing Too Many "Holy Grail" Cars Part of the fun of being a car enthusiast is going to car shows to see rare, incredibly desirable cars that you'll almost never see on the road. If you want to get up close and personal with a Koenigsegg, for example, don't go supercar spotting: buy a ticket to the next Geneva Motor Show instead. Those who are lucky enough to attend car shows on a regular basis, however, can quickly become desensitized to "normal" cars shows. As kids, we used to run up to a Lamborghini in sheer excitement, but now the sight of a standard Gallardo barely makes us look twice. We wish that we could get back some of that excitement.

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Getting To Drive Everything Car journalists are given the amazing opportunity to test drive a range of cars, often having to place themselves above reality in order to explain why a $100,000 car is not always all it's cracked up to be. They also have to keep a level head when test driving a mass-produced family sedan. In our experience, it takes a lot of seat time for someone to truly become car spoiled. After getting behind the wheel of a one-off Ferrari, it's hard to get excited for the new Honda Fit. But if you truly love cars, you'll be able to find something to like about almost anything you drive. The trick is to not allow yourself to become too spoiled.

Comments on the Internet Young car enthusiasts love fast cars, yet their only experience of driving is oftentimes behind their parent's boring car. This type of enthusiast only knows what they can derive from the internet and racing video games, both of which can cause a skewed view of reality. A Nissan GT-R is faster than a vast majority of cars that are more expensive, but for pure driving pleasure, a Mazda MX5 kicks its ass. This is something that can only be learned through experience, not from angry comments on the internet.

Living Somewhere Boring People who live in affluent areas of the world are fortunate to see the most expensive cars drive around on a regular basis. However, many enthusiasts live in small towns where the nicest car around is their neighbor's C5 Corvette. For the small town folks, a Lamborghini sighting would likely stir up a ton of excitement. However, a car spotter in Monaco may not look twice at something as "basic" as a Gallardo. We have had the chance to travel to places where expensive cars on the street are the norm, and we hope that everyone gets the chance to be blown away by a city full of nice cars.

Cars Getting Too Fast It may seem wrong to complain about cars getting faster, but it's had an odd effect on many enthusiasts. People seem to be obsessed with 0-60 mph times, how fast a car can lap the Nurburgring, or its top speed. Luckily, some automakers have noticed this trend and have crafted special cars that ignore it completely. We are talking about models like the Porsche 911 R, which was built to offer a pure driving experience, not be the fastest around a track.

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