These Are The Worst Three-Row Crossovers You Can Buy


Why? Because their third-rows are terrible.

Crossovers are all the suburban rage these days, with families trading in sedans, SUVs and even minivans in order to own what's essentially nothing more than a raised and stretched hatchback with an SUV-like body. Typically you'll find most CUVs offering two-rows of seats, like the Ford Edge, but some automakers are doing their utmost to squeeze in a third-row, which isn't always a smart idea. Consumer Reports has released its list of the worst three-row crossovers currently on sale, based on seat comfort and accessibility to the third-row.

Never mind performance, value, infotainment systems or reliability, this test is solely about that third-row and how adults and even children don't belong there. Some of CR's findings will surprise you, others won't, but all should be avoided if a third-row is important for you to have. Land Rover Range Rover Sport Kia Sorento, Volvo XC90, Dodge Journey, BMW X5, Hyundai Santa Fe, Audi Q7.


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