These Brand New Toyota 2000GTs Will Get 2JZ Engines

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These modern replicas are improved in every way imaginable.

The Toyota 2000GT, much like the GR Supra, is a car from the brand that is loved by many and remains a timeless icon. Considering only 337 production units were assembled, they are pretty hard to come by. If you do happen to find a listing of one, don't expect to pay anything less than $900,000. Thankfully, for those fans who just can't let go, a company in Japan called Rocky Auto, is developing a replica which it calls the 3000GT.

The mission of this boutique builder is to reproduce the famous car with modern technology so that fans can enjoy it with specifications that are higher than that of the original. The project is being supervised by Hiroshi Hosoya who participated in the first Japan Grand Prix in 1963 before going on to become a professional driver for Toyota where he had a hand in developing the original model.

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The Toyota 2000GT replica will employ Toyota's famous 2JZ 3.0-liter straight-six engine sans turbocharging. Alternatively, buyers can spec a Prius drivetrain if you want to look after the environment in style. The chassis will also benefit from a more modern suspension and comfort features such as air conditioning and power steering. The dimensions of this new creation will not be in line with the original model because of these adjustments as well as the current safety standards for production cars.

Within the cabin of the replica, modern air outlets, a radio face, and a new-age instrument cluster are joined by wooden interior panels and leather upholstery. The hand brake lever has also been swapped out for a footbrake as you would still find in some modern Toyotas. For added convenience, drivers will also be able to adjust the tilt of the steering wheel.

Rocky Auto Rocky Auto Rocky Auto Rocky Auto

While Rocky assures its 3000GT will be a driver's car, it will come fitted with a four-speed automatic transmission which will deliver power to the rear wheels. Stopping power is provided by a set of front and rear brake disks.

Back in 1967, Toyota had to remove the roof of the 2000GT for James Bond: You Only Live Twice so that Sean Connery could fit in the cabin. At 6.2 ft tall, he was just a bit too lofty to climb into the hardtop model. Despite the team creating a stunning design, this open-top model was never brought to production. Rocky, however, says that upon request, they can apply this body style to its replica, creating a Toyota equivalent to the striking Eagle Spyder GT E-Type.

Prices start at the equivalent of around $200,000, making this more powerful but much cheaper than an original 2000GT.

Rocky Auto Rocky Auto Rocky Auto

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