These Celebrities Are The Greatest Ferrari Collectors In The World


These people probably get access to every limited edition model that Ferrari builds.

More than almost any other manufacturer in the world, Ferrari rewards owners who like to collect as many models as possible. Unlike a normal expensive car, you can't just go into a dealership and buy a new Ferrari. This may work if you want a "lower model" like a California T, but if you want an F12 or a LaFerrari, you better have an entire collection of Prancing Horses back at home. If you are one of the people who own a huge collection of Ferraris, you may be rewarded by being "allowed" to buy a specialty car at sticker price. Here are a few of those people.

Ian Poulter is a professional golfer from England who plays in the PGA and European Tours. Poulter has been very successful, ranking as high as the fifth best golfer in the world at one point. Obviously, Poulter's athletic ability has resulted in financial success, because he owns a staggering collection of Ferraris. Poulter's collection includes all five of the greatest Ferrari cars including the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. Based on his staggering collection, we wouldn't be surprised if Poulter was offered a La Ferrari Aperta or an F12tdf. We do know that Poulter did buy a 458 Speciale Aperta, which he was allowed to customize with an awesome Italian color motif.

Gordon Ramsay is a famous English chef and TV personality. When Ramsay isn't cooking or hosting one of his many cooking shows, he loves to drive around in his collection of Ferraris. In 2015, Forbes listed Ramsay as one of the top 21 earning celebrities in the world at over $60 million. This has obviously allowed him to build up an incredible car collection. Some of his more recent purchases include an F12tdf painted in Bianco Fuji as well as a Grigio Silverstone LaFerrari. Ramsay has appeared on Top Gear several times, and in his latest appearance he announced that he was chosen to buy a LaFerrari Aperta. Obviously Ferrari values him as a customer.

The Chris Evans experiment on Top Gear ended almost as quickly as it began. Evans was definitely not the answer to replace Clarkson, but you really can't deny that the dude loves cars. Evans appeared on Top Gear long before he was a host. In his interview, Evans told Clarkson about his staggering collection of vehicles, most of which were Ferraris. In another Top Gear segment, Evans even let James May get behind the wheel of one of his most prized possessions, a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. The car cost around $7 million and was owned by Steve McQueen and James Coburn. The California was just one of many Ferraris in Evans' collection, including a 275 GTB, 458 Speciale, 250 GTO, TR61, 365 GTS, 250 GT Lusso, and 599.

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