These Celebrities Have All Saved The Environment WITHOUT Getting A Prius


These celebrities went green without losing their style.

In Hollywood there are plenty of actors who drive expensive cars with lots of horsepower that get terrible gas mileage. There are also a lot of celebrities who don't want to appear ostentatious and wasteful with their income. These people usually drive a Prius. We personally don't understand why a wealthy celebrity would want to drive a Prius, especially when there are much better looking and faster cars that still show you care about the environment. With that in mind, here are five celebrities who have "gone green" without buying a Prius.

Our first celebrity is Jerry Seinfeld. As an avid collector of Porsches, it would be weird to see Seinfeld in something as mundane as a Prius. Instead, Seinfeld drives a 887-hp Porsche that can still achieve 78 mpg (US). Unlike a Prius, the Porsche 918 can complete the quarter-mile in 9.8 seconds (faster than a Prius takes to do 60 mph).

Our next celebrity has been known to purchase electric cars. Actress Eva Longoria has driven the obligatory celebrity Range Rover and Bentley Continental in the past, but she has recently become a big fan of Tesla. Longoria already owned a Model S, and has now added a Model X to her garage. While the Model X does have some, let's just say interesting proportions, it is far from a hideous car. Unlike a regular Prius, the Model X uses no gas and can actually beat most sports cars in a race. For years the Prius dominated celebrity driveways, but now it looks like Beverly Hills will soon be filled with Teslas.

The Tesla Model X is an excellent family hauler, but our next celebrity has decided to drive an SUV that still has an engine. When Gisele Bundchen isn't cruising around in her Rolls-Royce Ghost, she drives a Lexus RX 450h. We recently spent a week with a newer version of the RX and loved how comfortable it was. There are more expensive options out there, but the Lexus delivers a quiet driving experience and offers excellent fuel efficiency. The RX is a bit plain for a supermodel like Bundchen, but sometimes going under the radar is a good thing.

When you have lots of money and want to buy an eco-friendly car, what do you do? Before Tesla reached prominence, we would say that you would probably end up with a luxury hybrid from BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes. That is exactly what Tobey Maguire and Ashton Kutcher thought. Maguire drives a Mercedes S400 Hybrid and Kutcher drives a Lexus LS600 Hybrid. However, neither of these luxury hybrids is actually very good on fuel economy. The V6-powered Mercedes gets 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, while the V8 Lexus only gets 23 mph highway. Neither car is as miserly as a Prius, but both offer incredible space and luxury that the small Toyota can't match.


Our last celebrity has done something clever. What do you do when you want to have a Prius, but want something a little nicer? You buy a Lexus. You may know Zachary Quinto from "Heroes" or "Star Trek," but you may not know that the actor who played Sylar and Spock is a huge fan of hybrids. Quinto used to drive a Prius but has since upgraded to a Lexus CT 200h. The CT is basically a Prius underneath, but it looks much better and offers a little bit more style (albeit at a higher price point). We put Quinto on this list to make a simple point. We get that celebrities like to appear eco-conscious, but there are too many options out there when it comes to eco cars. Why drive a Prius and have people mistake you for a struggling actor?

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