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These Celebrities Would Give The Stig A Run For His Money

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That's because they're all race car drivers.

Sometimes, when a celebrity buys a fast car, we can only wonder how long it will take before it is wrapped around a pole. Just because you have millions of dollars, doesn't mean that you can handle driving something with a ton of horsepower. However, there are quite a few celebrities that don't just love buying fast cars, they actually have experience racing them. We have compiled a list of modern day celebrities with racing experience. Like James Dean and Steve McQueen, these modern celebrities are amazing behind the wheel.

After his appearances on Top Gear, many people are aware of Rowan Atkinson's impressive collection of cars. Atkinson is famous for wrecking his McLaren F1 two times and eventually selling it for a small fortune. After crashing such an expensive car, you may think that Atkinson is just a terrible driver, but in fact he has lots of racing experience. Atkinson has raced at Goodwood and typically races vintage vehicles like his Ford Falcon. Even for someone with racing experience, the McLaren F1's lack of traction control can be tricky to handle.

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You might remember our next celebrity as the star of Malcolm In The Middle. Frankie Muniz was once one of the biggest stars on television, but has since retired from acting to pursue a career as a race car driver. Muniz has participated in events like the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, Formula BMW, Champ Car Atlantic Series, and even placed second in the Sebring Winter National race.

Our next celebrity race car driver also made an appearance on Top Gear. Eric Bana has had big movie roles in Star Trek and Hulk, but the actor has also made a smaller movie called Love The Beast. The film tells the story of how Bana purchased his Ford Falcon race car which he calls "The Beast." Bana entered his Falcon in the dangerous Targa Tasmania Rally where he got into a terrible crash. The film also shows how Bana built the Falcon with a few cameos from Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson, and Dr. Phil oddly enough.

Jenner is an obvious fan of cars, having owned a 997 Porsche GT3 RS and recently upgrading to a new, purple 991 GT3 RS. The whole Jenner family loves cars, as evidenced by a family picture with Kylie and her Ferrari 458. Before a transition to become a woman, track star Bruce Jenner also had success as a race car driver. Jenner even finished fourth overall in the 1986 12 Hours of Sebring driving the 7-Eleven Roush Racing Ford Mustang. Obviously that GT3 RS isn't just for show, Jenner can seriously drive.

Our final celebrity is Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey gained fame on television in Grey's Anatomy, as well as big movies like Transformers, where he almost plays himself. Dempsey has appeared in a ton of "chick" movies, but this dude can seriously drive. In the third Transformers movie, Dempsey plays a version of himself who races Ferraris. However, Dempsey is actually a huge fan of Porsche, and has even raced in the 24 Hours of LeMans. Dempsey's first car was a 1963 Porsche 356 which he purchased with his first acting check.