These Celebrity Cars Couldn’t Match Their Owner’s Personalities More Perfectly


It’s true that what you drive tells the world who you are.

There are so many different ways that people convey their personalities. Material things like clothes and cars are indicative of who someone is because people dress in a certain way and drive a specific kind of car to convey the image they want everyone else to associate them with. Celebrities are especially fun to read into because their image is more than just a way to express themselves, it’s their own personal brand. Here are some of the best examples of celebrities advertising their personalities through their cars.

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Beyonce has been cemented in history as one of the biggest stars ever. She just embodies the superstar persona in a classy and respectful way without the snobbery usually instilled in superstars like Justin Beiber. But don’t mistake her courteous professionalism with weakness, she’s as fierce as they come, so its no wonder she and her husband Jay-Z own a 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. It’s a car that’s eternally classy, just like the power couple that rides in it. This is a car that you wouldn’t expect Beyonce to own until you see her standing next to it and see that the car is a perfect match. It’s a good thing she and Jay-Z take their baby Blue Ivy out in the car to start her out as a young gearhead.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is rock and roll to the bone. That’s why his rebellious attitude is perfectly embodied in the rabid Hennessy Venom GT. The car is an outcast from the start because it’s low volume, extremely rare, unrefined till it hurts (in a good way), fast, and loud as hell. Put simply, the car just doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it, which makes it a good thing that it has the power to shut any haters up. Its 7.0-liter turbocharged V8 makes 1,200 horsepower and has Bugatti-beating potential. That's pretty damn powerful for something that doesn’t care, but it just makes the Hennessy all the more of an outlaw’s best friend.

Rowan Atkinson isn’t the type of actor you usually think of as badass. So why does his McLaren F1 make this list? Well it isn’t so much the fact that he owns an F1, it’s the fact that he crashed it, and not just once, but twice. His corky attitude fits in perfectly with the fact that he nearly killed his McLaren and himself two times, but at least he was using the car how it was intended to be used. Not all was lost because Atkinson not only fixed the car both times, which resulted in him setting the UK’s record for most expensive insurance claims, but he sold it for an estimated $9 million dollars in profit. So maybe this guy doesn't have a badass image, but at least he can chalk up wins like one.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, so its not too surprising to learn that he bought a Nissan GT-R with all the loot he got for exploring the outer limits of human capability. The GT-R is a legend at launching off the line, just like its owner, so the two compliment each other as straight-line champions. He had the car painted gold, probably to match all of his Olympic medals, and then aptly named it "The Boltmobile." Maybe the car wasn't fast enough for him, maybe the guy just prefers to run everywhere instead, or maybe he has a heart of gold, but either way he ended up auctioning off the GT-R online and sent the proceeds to his own foundation dedicated to helping children in his home country of Jamaica.

Dan Bilzerian isn’t like any of the other celebrities on this list. He didn’t get famous for acting, dancing, playing music, or being athletic. All he did to win his fame was to post awesome pictures of his playboy lifestyle on Instagram. He likes hot girls, booze, wild pool parties, and shooting stuff up with his massive gun collection, so its only fitting that the guy owns a Brabus-tuned Mercedes G-Wagon 6x6. The car is as macho and overindulgent as they come, just like its gun-toting owner. What does Bilzerian do with all those wheels and horsepower? He uses it to pick up more girls and then go shooting out the back of his G-Wagon like the hooligan that he is.