These Concept Cars Will Make You Love Kia For The First Time Ever

SEMA 2015

Two similar cars...two different objectives. Super cool.

How often do you see a Kia destroy every terrain it drives over? Not very often. In fact, hardly ever because Kias are meant to be driven by people who look for decent looks, a good warranty, high build quality and acceptable gas mileage. Sometimes, it’ll give us one or two fantastic sportscar concepts but those never really hit the road. However, Kia decided to scrap all of those things when it unveiled the Kia Forte Koup Mud Bogger and the A1A Optima at SEMA this year. Both cars have been created by Kia and Lux Motorwerks and look awesome.

Check out the Mud Bogger tackle all sorts of terrain. It's amazing to see a Kia do stuff usually reserved for Jeeps.

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The Mud Bogger is designed to attack every type of terrain it faces. To do so, it's been fitted with new 28-inch off-road tires, 15x10-inch Revolver wheels and a four-inch body and suspension lift kit. To house those massive tires, Kia has given the small coupe custom side skirts and bolt-on fender flares. The boring Kia seats have been replaced with beautiful Sparco Evo II Red Race seats, Sparco harnesses and steering wheel, for extra support and coolness when tackling rocks and dunes. To protect the driver, the Mud Bogger also has a white powder-coated hand-built roll to match the color of the wheels. It’s also been given a bull bar with an LED bar up front to protect the engine.

The A1A Optima is Kia’s answer to “the perfect car for Miami’s tony South Beach, the laid-back Key West lifestyle and all points in between.” Inspired by American roadsters, the A1A features a sliced top and shortened windshield. The rear doors open suicide-style, like what you get in a Rolls-Royce, welcoming the driver with four cream leather bucket seats. A beautiful center console divides the four seats. The car sits on 20-inch HRE S104 wheels which look very cool on the turquoise paint job. Power comes from a 245-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine and there's also a high-performance exhaust system. A Ksport coilover suspension lowers the car for that aggressive stance. Finally, some Kias we can seriously call "stunning."