These Drifting Legends Will Show Off Their Sideways Skills At Goodwood

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Expect to see plenty of sideways action at the first Goodwood Festival of Speed drifting competition.

In just over a month's time, a smattering of supercars and vintage racing machines will gather at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this year's show promises to be an awe-inspiring spectacle, with an eclectic line-up of the most influential race cars of all time and a celebration of Ferrari's 70th anniversary. And now you can add drifting to the agenda. Yes, drift cars have dazzled the crowds at Goodwood before, but this year there will be an official drifting competition for the first time in the festival's history.

Six drifting stars will be showing off their sideways skills and competing head-to-head for the title of Goodwood Festival of Speed 'Drift Champion', including regulars 'Mad' Mike Whiddett and Vaughn Gittin Jr, current Formula Drift championship leader James Deane and 2009 Prodrift European Series winner Dean Kearny. Whiddett will tear up the hillclimb in his tire-shredding Mustang RTR, while Gittin Jr will be getting seriously sideways in his insane 1,500-hp "RADBUL" Mazda Miata. Deane will be drifting his Nissan Silvia, and Kearny will burn rubber in a Dodge Viper. The competition will take place on the famous hillclimb, where each drifter will need to be sideways before the first turn.

After the first turn, each driver will need to maintain the drift until the finish line "no doubt with great plumes of tire smoke." That probably goes without saying. A speed trap will determine the fastest drift, though the public will also be invited to vote for their favorite drifting display. These guys are renowned for their sideways skills, so festival goers should be in for a treat. The Goodwood Festival of Speed runs from June 29 - July 2. Saturday and weekend tickets have already sold out, while Sunday tickets are limited and Thursday and Friday tickets are selling fast.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed

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