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These Epic Pranks Are Guaranteed To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves This Halloween


Car thieves will be out tonight, so scare the hell out of them!

Whatever you do this Halloween, be it partying with friends or taking your kids out to get candy, make sure you lock your damn car. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Halloween night is the second-busiest night of the year for carjackers, second only to New Year’s Day. According to the most recent stats from 2013, 1,998 cars were stolen on Halloween. New Year’s Day came in at 2,184 thefts, with Christmas having just 1,224 stolen cars.

The obvious way to keep your car safe from thieves is to lock it and set the alarm, but that's not fun. We don’t recommend breaking the law, so keep your guns and bear traps in the house. What we do recommend is having some fun and scaring off would-be thieves. Remember that everyone is a suspect, so don't go easy on trick-or-treaters! Perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your car is to dress up like a chainsaw-wielding maniac. We saw this in the form of a parking garage prank and it seems to have worked pretty well. Look at all those cars not being stolen! Make sure to take the chain off the chainsaw or you risk hurting people and going to jail.

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Another thing you can do is to rig your garage to be a haunted house. Ford did this with a car wash and people were pretty damn freaked out. You’d need to camp out in your garage all night and do some serious prep work, but you would have a kickass haunted house to scare trick-or-treaters with. If you’d rather sleep than guard your car all night try leaving a skeleton in the front seat. Thieves will be freaked out, although the lack of a chainsaw or ghosts means they may still steal your car. This tactic works best on fast food employees who work in drive-thrus, though. We’re not sure how many of those folks also double as car thieves but it can’t be many. Whatever you do be sure to drive safe and keep an eye on your ride!