These Exotic Hill Climb Cars Are A Christmas Feast For The Eyes And Ears

Lancias, Ferraris and Porsches, oh my!

Dubbed “The Battle,” this video will make your hair stand on end as dozens of cars wage war against the clock while racing up a harrowing mountain road. Now while watching internal organs being crucified by G-forces is fun, the sound of this eclectic mix of fine automobiles is more soul stirring than any Drake mixtape. Compound charged Lancia’s, air/ water-cooled Porsche’s, and some rather sinister sounding V8s ascend the hill at Oberhallau, Switzerland.

The coolest thing is most of the drivers are pushing at full tilt, giving a three-wheeled spectacle on some off-camber corners. For the oversteer crazed, plenty of slip angle is available. For those sharing an exhaust note fetish, well you’ll be very pleased to hear the snap, crackle and pop of some properly tuned race engines.

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