5 Cars That Would Be Amazing With A Turbo


We will kick and scream until they get them.

Every once in a while an automaker will release a model that we absolutely love but which is missing one thing. It will look hot and lowered, be lightweight, handle well and have the necessary transmission and drivetrain to be a proper and sporty car. Unfortunately, it's missing some much-needed power. If there was an extra 50-100 horsepower, from say a forced-induction turbocharger, said cars would be much better for it. Here are five cars we think would be really awesome if only they had a turbocharger sitting under the hood.


First on our list is the Huracan. Now we respect Lamborghini and the naturally aspirated V10 shared with the Audi R8. The Huracan is a great car, however it needs to stay up to date with current technology. With the competition turning to turbocharging, the Ferrari 488 GTB comes to mind, we think it may be time for Lamborghini to follow suit. A twin-turbo V8 would deliver even more performance, as would a twin-turbo V10.

A big one on our list is the Subaru BRZ. This one is obvious as we complain about it all the time. The sports coupe has everything we love: an optional manual transmission, rear wheel drive and a sleek and sexy look. We have seen aftermarket turbos fitted to the BRZ, but we are still waiting for that turbocharged STI trim to come out.

Next up is the Mazda Miata. This tiny car has a very loyal following because it is cute, decently quick and fun to drive. But 155 horsepower though?! Come on. We would be much happier with 200 horses due to a turbo. The low curb weight would make this baby surprisingly fast, too.


This one might be a bit surprising: the Nissan 370Z. It has a V6 producing up to an impressive 350 horsepower, but that just doesn't do it for us. The car is getting a bit old and boring, and if it simply borrowed one of the GT-R's turbos it would create a whole new vehicle. If this compact sports coupe pushed 400 horses we could see it competing with Porsche Carrera.

The 2015 Toyota Yaris is by no means a hot hatch, however that is largely due to its measly 1.7-liter engine. It does have aggressive looks and has an optional manual but there's no turbocharger. If the car was available with around 200 horsepower due to a turbo it might get a seat at the big boy table along with the VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST. So step it up, Toyota.

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