These Guys Apparently Thought The Bentley Bentayga Needed An Upgrade

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You need pretty big balls to think you can improve upon the Bentayga.

The $230,000 Bentley Bentayga is obviously the most expensive and luxurious SUV on the market right now. What isn't so obvious is the polarizing look that seems to have some people wishing Bentley had just stuck to cars. Some people think that the Bentayga could have looked a little better, and the tuning company Startech agrees. The new Startech Bentayga is equipped with 23-inch wheels, a sports exhaust, and an exclusive interior. Startech has also designed new front and rear bumpers that give the SUV a sportier look.

The front bumper has an integrated spoiler and large air intakes that are covered with a honeycomb grating. These intakes feed air to the engine, radiators, and front brakes. The Startech bodywork components can even be ordered in naked carbon fiber for an especially sporty look. Startech has left power the same, but an upgrade is in the works. Honestly, the interior of the Bentayga was already world-class and we doubt that Startech's exterior changes will silence the haters. Why bother modifying an already exclusive car like the Bentayga?

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